Robyn Karam


Saving a viable business and closing a non-viable business adds considerable value to the economy. If a business is experiencing financial difficulty it is incumbent upon the directors to make timely enquiries about its sustainability and the options available, so they can make informed decisions about the future of the business. Burying one’s head in the sand and continuing to trade as normal will not only jeopardise the chances of survival, it will also have financial and legal implications for the directors. Don’t delay. Help us to help you save your business.

Robyn is a registered and official liquidator and principal of BRI Ferrier with over 10 years’ experience in corporate reconstruction and insolvency. Robyn’s expansive corporate insolvency experience includes voluntary administrations, liquidations, receiverships, deeds of company arrangement, and creditors’ trusts across a variety of industries predominantly in the SME market. Robyn has also been involved in investigative accountant assignments and debtor factoring facility reviews. Robyn’s experience has largely involved continuing to trade businesses under voluntary administration or in receivership with a view to successfully restructuring the business operations and maximising the chances of the continued existence of the business either through a sale of business, deed of company arrangement or creditors’ trust. Working closely with major banks, financial and government institutions, legal and accounting firms Robyn is able to identify and address competing interests of various stakeholders and achieve the most successful outcome available to all parties concerned.


  • Creative Memories operated in Australia, the United States (parent entity) and New Zealand as an online retailer of photo albums, scrapbooks, displays and accessories. Robyn managed the trading and sale of the business which resulted in recognition by the purchaser of significant liabilities owing to circa 10,000 consultants/customers. As a result, employee entitlements were paid in full and creditors received interim dividends totalling 75 cents/dollar with a prospect of a further final dividend.
  • Herringbone Retail Pty Limited was involved in the manufacture, importation and retail of high quality men’s and women’s fashion. Robyn managed the trading and sale of the business which resulted in a significant return to the financier and survival of the iconic “Herringbone” brand which continues to operate within Australia.
  • Rafferty’s Resort Management Pty Limited operated a resort at Lake Macquarie which derived income from a number of sources including restaurants, general store, conferences, and management fees from unit owners. Robyn managed the trading of the business and put in place appropriate protocols for management of the trust accounts, liaising with the Office of Fair Trading regarding funds received and distributed to unit owners. The implementation of appropriate controls and accounting mechanisms ensured that the trust of unit owners was regained; the business was salvaged and sold as a going concern.
  • AE&E Australia Pty Limited was part of an international group of companies subject to various forms of external administrations in a number of jurisdictions. The company specialised in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of combined cycle power plants, steam and power generation plants, heat recovery steam generators and industrial boilers and its average annual turnover was $400 Million. Robyn managed the continuation of the Multi - Fuel Cogen Power Plant project at Worsley, Western Australia which involved authorisation of purchase orders of $330Million to the conclusion of the project. The core business was preserved and sold to a listed company and continues to operate today.
  • Bounty Mining Ltd was an Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) (ASX: BNT) listed company. The Bounty Mining Group specialised in the provision of thin-seam coal mining services and held major contracts in the Aquila, Bundoora, China Valley and Ivanhoe collieries in central Queensland and regional New South Wales. The group’s average annual turnover was $25 Million. Robyn managed the trading and restructure of the business via a pooled deed of company arrangement incorporating a cash distribution and debt for equity conversion.
  • Minerals Corporation Ltd was an ASX listed company (ASX: MSC). The Minerals Corporation Group specialised in the provision of minerals including calcined and hydrous kaolin. The Group’s major operations were located at Skardon River, in Northern Queensland and the average annual turnover was $10 Million. Robyn managed the trading and restructure of the Minerals Corporation Group, by scaling back the operations of the Group, sale of non-core assets, preservation of the Mining Tenements and a deed of company arrangement incorporating a creditors’ trust.

Qualifications and memberships

  • Registered and official liquidator
  • Member, Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association
  • Member, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) / Bachelor of Laws – University of Western Sydney