Responsible entity services

BRI Ferrier provides independent responsible entity (RE), custodian and trustee services to proposed primary industry and property-based investments – through Castlereagh Capital – for non-performing or distressed managed investment schemes, where investors wish to replace the existing RE.

Castlereagh Capital is an independent real estate, asset and investment manager that provides end-to-end property solutions. It also holds an Australian Financial Services License to act as a replacement RE for distressed managed funds.

The responsible entity services include:

  • Funds management – distressed asset fund management; replacement RE and investment manager of distressed asset funds.
  • Lending services – financial modelling, feasibility and sensitivity analysis; credit and risk analysis; project management of lending processes; sourcing of finance (senior, mezzanine and preference equity); pre-sales due diligence, compliance and ongoing management.
  • Management services – development options and analysis; leasing due diligence and tenancy reviews; strata and community title reviews; make-good analysis, negotiation and implementation.



Agent for the mortgagee in possession to three real estate assets

BRI Ferrier was appointed as agent for the mortgagee in possession to three real estate assets in northern New South Wales. The assets included an abandoned hotel, a 20-percent-completed multi-storey residential development and a number of units in a residential complex.