Business recovery and turnaround

Business recovery and turnaround

At BRI Ferrier Cairns, we understand the many pressures that can push businesses over the edge. We also know how to turn this situation around.

Our business recovery and turnaround management services emphasise business renewal and positive change. We work with organisations of all sizes – from sole traders and private companies to ASX-listed corporations and government entities – to help them take stock, reassess, plan and rebuild.

We liaise with boards of directors, financiers, accountants, lawyers, ASIC, shareholders, financial advisors, private equity firms and hedge funds to help our clients through financial difficulties.

Our aim is to recover a business’s viability and reduce the severity of the financial fallout.

Depending on the specific circumstances, we can achieve this through a formal voluntary administration appointment or through informal turnaround management services.

Voluntary administration

BRI Ferrier has extensive experience in formal voluntary administration appointments across many industries. Voluntary administration offers breathing space to insolvent or financially distressed organisations, so they can reorganise their financial affairs and potentially avoid liquidation. Find out more about voluntary administration

Informal turnaround management services

BRI Ferrier advises financially distressed businesses to help them avoid terminal insolvency. We also assist non-distressed businesses to implement change management strategies and ensure their continuing financial health.

We achieve this through: