Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting services

BRI Ferrier’s forensic accounting practice provides multidisciplinary, independent investigative support services to clients facing arbitration, litigation and regulatory scrutiny.

We have professionals with accounting, commercial and legal expertise to address the most demanding situations for clients such as audit committees, businesses, corporations and government bodies.

Our forensic services include investigative accounting, litigation support, valuation, economic loss assessments and insurance claims.

Investigative accounting

BRI Ferrier’s investigative accounting team undertakes detailed investigations, reviews and analysis that enable our clients to mitigate risks, protect assets, comply with regulations, make informed decisions and maximise opportunities. Find out more about BRI Ferrier’s investigative accounting services

Litigation support

We help clients to develop strategies and decide whether to pursue litigation or negotiate a settlement. We look beyond the numbers to uncover the issues and provide an independent review of facts. We also help our clients with complex litigation involving contract disputes, liability analysis and business valuations. Find out more about BRI Ferrier’s litigation support services


Expert determination of business value may be required for family law or commercial litigation purposes. It may also assist purchasers or financiers when they contemplate buying a business. Accountants may require valuation opinions when restructuring entities. We also reassure stakeholders by assessing whether transactions are sustainably structured given the risks involved.

Economic loss assessments

Expert determination of economic loss is required in support of damages claims. It may also be required to assist in defending claims. BRI Ferrier provides expert assistance in loss determination, review of expert reports and structuring litigation.

Insurance claims

Prompt attention to claim preparation in the event of an insured loss is important to ensure that a business receives maximum benefit from its insurance cover. BRI Ferrier helps clients to quantify their claim and promptly activate the claim resolution process.