BRI Ferrier WA Mergers with DCS Advisory

14 March 2019

We are pleased to announce that Shaun Boyle and Natasha Petrie from DCS Advisory / Debt Crisis Solutions together with the rest of the DCS team have joined BRI Ferrier WA (BRI). Together with John Carrello and Michelle Shackles, the new BRI will reflect the Directors’ commitment to the reconstruction and insolvency industry. The merger will provide a greater capacity to deal with matters of all types and sizes, both firms have established Corporate and Personal Insolvency practices, with an additional strong focus in general Corporate Advisory and Business Turnaround.
“BRI Ferrier is now positioned to handle a wider range and scale of appointments, with over 100 years of combined experience, we can better deal with the challenges of a changing financial and business environment. Our thanks go to those referrers who have formed part of our lives leading to this point and we hope to continue that relationship whilst starting new ones.”
John Carrello - Principal
The merger will ensure BRI is well placed to meet emerging trends in professional development maintaining an ongoing high skill level.
 “John and I have known each other for several years, as a result we often chatted informally about the matters we have dealt with, the people we have helped, the results we have achieved and what the future holds. Merging seemed a natural outcome as there were a lot of shared beliefs, the real bonus being the cross section of skills the practices have bought together.
Together with Natasha and Michelle I can see an exciting future, this practice has strength, balance, integrity and a sense of purpose… it’s a great starting point… it will only get better.”
Shaun Boyle - Director
Both Ron Gamble and Ian Patterson will provide ongoing consulting services to BRI. Both Ian and Ron are looking to provide pro bono financial counselling as part of their and BRI’s commitment to the community.
With a shared vision as to professional development, culture and integrity, the merger reflects a meeting of like minds as to client service, professionalism and an ability to make the most difficult of problems look easy to solve, the new look BRI will be positioned to meet the challenges of a diverse and changing business world.
We are looking forward to the benefits this merger will bring, if you have any questions or want to put us to the test, please give us a call.
For media enquiries please contact the Perth office. 
John Carrello | Shaun Boyle | Natasha Petrie | Michelle Shackles | Ron Gamble | Ian Patterson