Episode 1: Called to Account - “Insolvency through the lens of an unfolding crisis”.

30 March 2021 by Paul Croft


Episode Overview

In this episode of Called to Account, Jacqui and Paul offer a fresh perspective on insolvency and a director's duty concerning insolvent trading, reflecting on insolvency in the context of an unfolding crisis. Paul also shares some relevant insights from his time investigating one aspect of the Dick Smith insolvent trading litigation.

About Called to Account

Paul Croft and Jacqueline Woods lead the Forensic Accounting team at BRI Ferrier, providing forensic accounting, expert witness and business valuation services. Going beyond the binary, Jacqui and Paul apply their forensic lens to topical issues to serve up practical insights and fresh perspectives on all things forensic accounting. Tackling issues including directors’ duties, insolvent trading, business interruption, shareholder oppression and post-acquisition disputes, they Call to Account the broader commercial and board room implications of matters that come across their desks. They’ll also interview lawyers and other relevant business professionals, tapping into their expertise to bring you the latest thinking on current trends and emerging issues.