Creditors' voluntary liquidation

BRI Ferrier may be appointed as creditors’ voluntary liquidator when an insolvent company’s directors and shareholders resolve to liquidate the company, or when creditors vote for liquidation following a voluntary administration.

Through a creditors’ voluntary liquidation appointment, we take control of the business to facilitate an orderly winding down of its operations and, where possible, provide a return to creditors.

The aim is to achieve the best outcome for creditors by:

  • realising assets
  • investigating affairs
  • considering the sale of business
  • reporting to ASIC and statutory bodies
  • pursuing voidable recoveries
  • mitigating directors’ exposure (through a timely director penalty notice).

Where possible, in a creditors’ voluntary liquidation appointment, we’ll facilitate the sale of the business so it can continue as a going concern to maximise return to creditors.