Personal insolvency

If you experience personal financial distress, BRI Ferrier can help. Our team of registered trustees in bankruptcy across Australia works with debtors to achieve the best possible solutions to their difficulties.

We also act on behalf of creditors to recoup losses. We do this by investigating and assessing potential recoveries available to the trustee. In addition, we may investigate and report any offences the debtor may have committed.

We understand both sides of personal insolvency and provide all parties with a resolution that reduces distress and anxiety.

The two main vehicles for achieving positive outcomes in these situations are personal bankruptcy and personal insolvency agreements.

Personal bankruptcy

In cases of personal bankruptcy, BRI Ferrier acts for debtors to advise creditors on the likelihood of a return. We also act for creditors to investigate bankrupt estates and recommend ways of maximising recoveries. Find out more about BRI Ferrier’s personal bankruptcy services

Personal insolvency agreements

We have extensive experience in personal insolvency agreements (PIAs), an alternative to bankruptcy. A PIA is a flexible but legally binding arrangement between a debtor and creditors. It identifies the debtor’s property and income available to pay creditors’ claims. It also specifies how any realisations are to be dealt with. Find out more about BRI Ferrier’s personal insolvency agreement services