Called to Account

Paul Croft and Jacqueline Woods lead the Forensic Accounting team at BRI Ferrier, providing forensic accounting, expert witness and business valuation services. Going beyond the binary, Jacqui and Paul apply their forensic lens to topical issues to serve up practical insights and fresh perspectives on all things forensic accounting. Tackling issues including directors’ duties, insolvent trading, business interruption, shareholder oppression and post-acquisition disputes, they Call to Account the broader commercial and board room implications of matters that come across their desks. They’ll also interview lawyers and other relevant business professionals, tapping into their expertise to bring you the latest thinking on current trends and emerging issues.

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E1 - Preview

Jacqui Woods and Paul Croft, directors and partners in crime in BRI Ferrier's Forensic Accounting practice, preview their new vlog series, Called to Account. Coming soon!


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E2 - Insolvency through the lens of an unfolding crisis

In the video, Jacqui and Paul offer a fresh perspective on insolvency and a director's duty concerning insolvent trading, reflecting on insolvency in the context of an unfolding crisis. Paul also shares some relevant insights from his time investigating one aspect of the Dick Smith insolvent trading litigation.

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E3 - Anti-phoenixing legislation: impacts for directors and other stakeholders

In this podcast, Paul Croft talks to Marc Rossi, Restructuring, Insolvency and Recoveries partner at Hicksons, about what the new anti-phoenixing legislation means for directors and other stakeholders, particularly if they are to avoid falling foul of the new legislation.


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E4 - COVID-19 business interruption insurance claims

In this episode , Jacqui and Paul, Directors in BRI Ferrier’s Forensic Accounting team give an overview of the status of COVID-19 related business interruption insurance claims, highlight how issues of causation and proximity may impact damage quantification, discuss the possible ramifications of the recent UK Supreme Court judgment for Australian claimants and muse on the additional information potential claimants may need to produce to support their COVID-19 BI loss claims.


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E5 - Considerations for directors looking to rely on the Safe Harbour provisions

In this episode, Paul Croft is joined by Hannah Griffiths, Head of Restructuring and Insolvency at Gilchrist Connell, who shares some key insights about eligibility, evidentiary and other considerations pertinent to directors who may be looking on the Safe Harbour provisions. She also explains how the COVID-19 Safe Harbour provisions differ to the standard Safe Harbour provisions, and along the way, manages to smash a misplaced myth about Safe Harbour.


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E6 - Putting a value on privacy

Jacqui and Paul investigate our personally identifiable information might be valued in a litigation context. They provide some context as to the scale and cost of data breaches before presenting a framework and evaluating options for putting a value on our privacy in class actions involving data breaches, theft and/or misuse.


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E7 - Dividends and material prejudice

In this podcast, Jacqui and Paul discuss a number of critical insights emerging from the dividend case in the Dick Smith litigation, in particular, the concept of "material prejudice" included in s254T(c) of the Corporations Act and the potential hurdle it creates to paying and declaring dividends. Highly relevant to directors - particularly CFOs - is the approach adopted by the Court to assess the "reliability" of information provided to boards, as well as, the extent to which that information provides a reasonable basis for taking decisions about dividends. Usefully, the judgement also identifies a number potential mitigation actions directors might consider in circumstances where a breach under s180(1) and (2) may arise because the company has potentially been exposed to a breach of s254T(c).


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E8: Enterprise value v Equity value: explaining a commonly misunderstood business valuation concept

When shareholders or partners go their separate ways, disputes often arise over the value of commonly held assets. One of the causes of valuation disputes between the parties arises because they hold different views of what is being valued, bought or sold. In this episode, Jacqueline Woods, BRI Ferrier's valuation expert, explains the differences between "enterprise value" and equity value", a concept that is commonly misunderstood in business valuation.


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E9: Expert evidence update: learnings from recent judgements

There have been a number of cases this year that turn the spotlight on expert evidence, including issues related to inherent bias, expertise and experience and, the weighting given to, and admissibility of, expert evidence. In this podcast, Paul Croft shares his insights from the findings in two recent cases into expert evidence.


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