When allegations of fraud or other misconduct arise, or if your business is exhibiting signs of financial distress, you need answers quickly. BRI’s Investigation services leverage our core restructuring expertise, data analysis and modelling skills to uncover the source of misconduct and root causes of business under-performance and value destruction.

We conduct our investigations with discretion and in a manner that minimises disruption to your business. We also work with you to develop strategies designed to mitigate the risk of misconduct from recurring and optimise value creation opportunities.

Investigation services

We have been involved in a range of investigation engagements, including:

  • Data modelling and analysis
  • Financial reviews
  • Providing expert reports for civil or criminal proceedings
  • Quantifying fraud-related losses
  • Reconstructing financial records
  • Solvency reviews
  • Transactional reviews, asset tracing and recovery



Inquiry into Events at Earle Haven Retirement Village

We were appointed to to assist the Department of Health with its Inquiry into Events at the Earle Haven Retirement Village and their aftermath, following the retirement village’s collapse. We investigated and reported on the management and operational structure of the retirement village, the financial arrangements it had with a key outsourced service provider and the adequacy of controls it had in place to meet certain of its regulatory obligations. The majority of our recommendations for improved management of potential solvency issues in retirement villages were included in the Department of Health’s report to the Federal Minister.

Infrastructure company

The NSW Government contracted a company to deliver a major infrastructure project. This required the company to draw down on a bank syndicate finance facility contracted years before and payable in 2018. Members of the banking syndicate suggested the company would be unable to refinance the facility in 2018 and was incurring a debt it could not repay. BRI Ferrier was engaged to review the claim and advise the company’s directors. Our intensive forensic work and subsequent updates gave the directors confidence to draw down on the finance facility and continue the project.

Concrete Constructions

One of the ‘big four’ retail banks appointed BRI Ferrier as one member of a team of investigative accountants to monitor the performance of Concrete Constructions, Australia’s second largest construction company. Over 18 months, our investigations resulted in an ownership change and recovery of the bank’s $300 million exposure.

Drury unregistered managed investment scheme

BRI Ferrier’s appointment as receiver and liquidator of the Drury unregistered managed investment scheme involved tracing assets in Australia and Canada and extensive litigation. Assets were recovered and we obtained a criminal conviction against the perpetrator.