Selling a business

Involving BRI early in the sales process, we are well-positioned to help you craft an effective and powerful narrative for buyers based on a thorough understanding and analysis of your business’s qualitative and quantitative information.

In turn this helps identify potential value-related issues that may need to be proactively managed, bringing robustness and credibility to the facts and figures included in a sales memorandum. It also assists in identifying potential revenue and cost upsides that may unlock further value.

The results of our due diligence will assist in building a robust information package that is provided to bidders and designed to meet their needs.

We use a collaborative virtual dataroom solution that delivers you an integrated customer experience and reduces transaction costs. This means that you can raise questions directly to the due diligence team, respond to bidders’ questions and be across key deal issues, our progress and findings in real time.

When it is only a business unit being divested, attention needs to be had to the basis of, and the planning for, the separation of the business. We can help establish appropriate separation processes to support that divestment.