BRI Ferrier’s energy sector practice represents one of our newest areas of expertise.

We address the financial challenges of both upstream and downstream renewable energy businesses.

We offer specific services in renewable solar and wind energy consulting, ‘waste to energy’ consulting, government liaison and offtake advisory.




Integral Energy

BRI Ferrier staff assisted Integral Energy, the second largest government-owned energy distributor and retailer in New South Wales. We supported the company’s financial reconstruction, cost reductions, debt consolidation and insurance consolidation (following the collapse of HIH Insurance). We also helped Integral improve its trading transparency, which had suffered due multi-million dollar energy contract issues.

Hartogen Oil and Gas Group

BRI Ferrier was appointed as provisional and official liquidator to Hartogen Oil and Gas Group, an oil and gas prospector (now Origin Energy). We maintained the company’s exploration and production program, sold key tenements and managed the sale of Consolidated Petroleum Australia NL, an associated company. A major preference claim was also initiated against the company’s major shareholders. This recovered approximately $25 million for unsecured creditors.