BRI Ferrier’s logistics sector experience includes working with transport, shipping, distribution and aviation businesses, their advisors and other stakeholders.

We understand the changing logistics industry dynamics, including the development of a national heavy vehicle regulator, a national freight strategy and a logistics safety code. We help businesses deal with pressures such as fragmented regulation, increasing regulatory compliance costs, rising fuel costs and wages, increasing competition and limited funding options.




MWM Freight

BRI Ferrier was appointed as joint administrator of MWM Freight Pty Ltd, a nationwide transport business with a fleet of 25 trucks in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. We arranged for an orderly wind down of the business and auctioned all assets, returning 100 cents in the dollar to employees and 45 cents in the dollar to the secured creditor.

Transport and installation company

BRI Ferrier was informally appointed to prepare an investigative accountant report on behalf of a bank, in respect to a debtor finance facility (the bank’s largest exposure at the time) for a company specialising in the transport and installation of high value, sensitive freight and equipment. The company’s directors re-financed, avoiding a formal appointment, and oversaw a controlled recovery of the bank’s debt.

Nautilus Australia

Nautilus Australia Limited, a publicly listed ship provedore for Australian and overseas ports, appointed BRI Ferrier as joint voluntary administrator. We restructured the company’s affairs and facilitated an injection of equity. The company was re-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Mail order company

BRI Ferrier was appointed as liquidator of the Hong Kong subsidiary of a European mail order company. The company sourced products from factories in China and delivered to Europe. Through an innovative exit strategy, creditors were repaid a sum in excess of that which would have been paid through a traditional liquidation.

Regional South Australian airline

A South Australian airline was responsible for delivering the daily newspaper and essential blood supplies to regional hospitals. When it experienced financial challenges, BRI Ferrier was appointed as voluntary administrator. While complying with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements, we maintained regular deliveries while negotiating a successful sale of the business. Subsequently, all surplus aircraft were sold, and all pilots and staff retained their positions. Creditors received a minimal dividend and crucial state services continued to regional areas.