BRI Ferrier Cairns

BRI Ferrier Cairns provides recovery, insolvency, advisory and forensic accounting services to businesses throughout Far North Queensland, from Cardwell in the south to the Torres Strait Islands in the north and west to the Gulf of Carpentaria and Northern Territory border.

This huge area comprises a diversity of industries. Some of these, like tourism and hospitality, are primary economic drivers for the region.

We have worked with numerous stakeholders in different regional industries over many years and have a deep understanding of each industry’s relevant triggers for success or failure.

Severe weather conditions (such as cyclones, droughts and flooding) can adversely impact businesses in this area. When businesses experience financial hardship due to such conditions, our close relationships with banks and financiers invariably prove beneficial.

We have a wealth of in-house technical expertise as well as the support of our specialist professionals from BRI Ferrier’s unrivalled national and international network.

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